Why It Matters To Look After Your Mental Health

All aspects that make up your entire well-being are equally important, yet there is one thing that people often take for granted: mental health. For instance, you notice that you feel so down these days, and then your body aches. Together, they may be symptoms of depression. However, since you refuse to believe that you can acquire this disorder, you choose to take a pain reliever instead of considering that perhaps it is time to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

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Why that is a wrong move is that a disease that should have been remedied on its early stages got left undiagnosed. You focused on one of its indications alone, which drugs may not even be able to cure because the root of the problem still exists. You will likely spend so much on pain-relieving medication, and your body parts will remain aching.

Now, in case that is too little of a reason for you to prioritize your mental health, here are a few more things that you may achieve once you do it.

  1. Enhanced Work Performance

When your psychological stability is in jeopardy, it can reflect in an instant on how you perform your tasks in the office. Nothing seems to work out well for you. Your attention span gets narrower; your comprehension skills drop to the ground. Worse, it might reach a point when your bosses start thinking of finding a replacement.

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If you are not dealing with a mental disorder, though, you will be able to pick up instructions even when your superior only mentioned it while passing your desk. You can also complete tasks faster than everyone too as if the job is extremely easy for you.

  1. Calmer Environment

With problems reining over your system more and more every day, your usual cool demeanor and ability to look at a situation without judgment can turn upside down. The people around you cannot speak freely or make jokes in your presence. You pick fights with anyone who tries to reason out with you. It seems challenging for you to talk as well without sounding annoyed.

Once you take care of your mental well-being, your world may become more peaceful than ever. There won’t be individuals wishing for you to be gone. There may also not be nasty arguments occurring because no one will ignite them.

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  1. Better Relationships

Folks with mental disorder have a knack for pushing their loved ones away either intentionally or unintentionally. If their sour attitude does not do the trick, they opt to isolate themselves from everyone.

You can merely move past this issue when you make mental health your priority. After all, that is the time when you need your friends and family the most. If you stop distancing yourself from them, you might find a solution to your problems with their help. Not to mention, your relationship with everyone strengthens.

Final Thoughts

As you might know by now, many people invest more attention – and money – to annual physical examinations and tend to ignore their sense of hopelessness, stress, anger issues, et cetera. The religious folks prefer to go to church and leave everything to God than to get psychologically assessed. This lack of importance that you show towards mental health is typically one of the reasons why some individuals end up worsening a psychological disorder, which may or may not be incurable. Thus, if you want to dodge that probability, you should look after your mental health now.



The Psychology Of Adult ADHD – How To Keep Being In A Relationship Amidst The Issues

Your partner is an adult person with ADHD, and you thought, this is just fine. Well, you are in for a ride. The challenges will be frustrating, but love can conquer all, right?

Tips On How To Handle ADHD-Related Issues With Your Significant Other


Study up on ADHD. It’s easier to prevent ADHD from significantly affecting your relationship if you know how it works and its symptoms. (For the both of you)

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Know the implications of the behavior. If your partner is doing his or her best to understand your ADHD issues by practicing self-control, then you should also do your best to manage your symptoms. Don’t just dismiss their concerns but instead work on them. (For the ADHD adult)


Separate your partner from the condition. Always remember that the symptoms and responses your partner experiences like forgetfulness and nagging aren’t part of their character traits. (For the non-ADHD adult)

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How The Partner With ADHD Often Feels:


Different. The mind of people with ADHD operates differently compared to those without ADHD.


Overwhelmed, usually because of the symptoms. The symptoms of ADHD can give stress to both of you.


Subordinate to their partners or spouses. Men who are often corrected by their partners can feel incompetent or emasculated which is a relationship breaker.


Shamed. People with ADHD feel a considerable amount of shame whenever their symptoms act up.


Unloved and unwanted. Constant negative criticisms can make them feel unloved and unwanted.


Afraid to fail again. The worse their relationship becomes, the more scared adults with ADHD will be in trying still due to fear of failure.


Longing to be accepted. People with ADHD will always want to be loved no matter their flaws. Everyone, even without ADHD, long for that.


How The Non-ADHD Partner Often Feels:


Unwanted or unloved. The non-ADHD partner may misinterpret their partner’s distraction as a sign of not wanting them.


Angry and emotionally blocked. There can be times wherein the non-ADHD partner feels resentment towards their ADHD partner but end up bottling their feelings to avoid outbursts. It is not a good way to cope with anger and can destroy everything once it all comes out.


Incredibly stressed out. Since they are the ones mostly responsible for a lot of tasks, their stress levels can go through the roof.


Ignored and offended. Whenever an ADHD person doesn’t do what they are told to do or act on their partner’s request, the non-ADHD partner may misinterpret this as being ignored.


Exhausted and depleted. Since they are the ones who have a lot of tasks and responsibilities, feeling exhausted is normal but irritating.

Frustrated. If problems keep on repeating again and again, this will cause frustration.

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Take Responsibility For Your Role


If you have understood what it’s like to be your partner and you know where he or she is coming from, then you should take responsibility for your role. Both of you should be aware of your duties in saving the relationship.


The symptoms of ADHD can indeed cause arguments, but the person with ADHD isn’t the one solely to blame. The non-ADHD partner must be accountable especially with his or her reactions. 


Break Free From The Parent-Child Dynamic


Some people feel like they’re with a child instead of an adult who has ADHD. This happens when the ADHD partner fails to do the tasks assigned to them. As a result, the non-ADHD partner has to do the said responsibilities, and it is a cause for anger and arguments.


If the problems aren’t solved soon, the resentment between each other may only grow. You should break this cycle by first trying to calm down, talk about the situation two or three times until the ADHD partner understands fully without criticisms, and let go of the unnecessary issues.

Reduce Your Stress Instantly Before It Even Gets Worse

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Reduce Your Stress Instantly Before It Even Gets Worse

Stress is one of the primary reasons why we get to have mental illnesses. In fact, it creates a lot of complications in our physical and emotional state too. Though it’s okay to feel the pressure sometimes, the overwhelming effect may lead to weakness and vulnerability. As a result, it leaves us with disorders and unwanted health conditions. 

tress is unavoidable, but do you know there are ways you can reduce it instantly? Yes, in fact, it may seem simple, but it creates a lot of difference once you get to try them. Continue reading so you can get the tips that BetterHelp prepared for you.

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Stress Reducing Tips

 1. Watch your favorite show or maybe go see a movie. It is something that you might think doesn’t create a significant effect, but it does. The more that you over think about something, the intense pressure it gives. However, when you try to distract your thoughts by engaging with visual stuff, it skips your mind off your problems. It will allow you to have a beneficial gap with your negative thoughts between the distractions, so you can quickly tackle your issue of whatever it is that stresses you over. 


2. Move your body and exercise. Exercising is beneficial to your body because of tons of reasons. But there will always be a time that you’ll probably get tired of going to the gym. However, you can still do small chores in the house to keep you physically active. It will not only help in keeping yourself fit, but it will also reduce your stress. By the time you finish your household task, you’ll feel satisfied with your accomplishments on that particular day.


 3. Do something nice to your body. You may not see its connection to your mental state, but doing satisfying things to your body helps in making you feel stress-free. You can get a body massage, get your nails done, go to a salon, and so on. It is not about doing fancy things, but the simplicity of keeping you away from something that stresses you out. Sometimes, pampering yourself is therapeutic because you learn to eliminate the thoughts that don’t benefit your health in the first place.

 4. Use your family, friends, neighbors, and pets, as a support system. Let them know that you’re experiencing an emotional and mental problem. It will be nice to know that the people who care for you are there to support you at all cost. It reduces the stress when you communicate with them. They may not be helpful at some point; at least they are there to encourage you through your emotional and psychological crisis. You may not even need to hear some of their solutions to your problem, but sometimes, you only need someone to listen to you.

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These are simple habits that are good for the time being. They give you a chance to come back to your issues and deal with them after clearing your thoughts. Stress can linger longer than you can measure, so you need to try these tips to get the stress out of your system. Eliminate bad thoughts and start working on getting better.

Anxiety Medication Treatments

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There are no cures that eliminate anxiety entirely. However, specific therapy and medications can somehow manage and reduce its symptoms from occurring.  Many people who already completed a prescribed treatment were able to function normally with only occasional symptoms. Many attempt to deal with their anxiety on their own even if they know it is difficult to manage without professional help. Though the condition of anxiety may last up to six months, it can continue to worsen if not treated. 

Treatments for all types of anxiety disorders vary. It is usually a combination of therapy and medication. Therefore, there’s a need for the proper knowledge of what kinds of medicine applies to a specific condition. In general, there are categories of medication that fight all types of anxiety. There are benzodiazepine, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and Buspar medications. All of them help in lowering down the level of anxiety and depression. These related categories are used depending on the severity of the depressive state of the individual.

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Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors–Serotonin, also known as 5-HT, influences a person’s mood.  It has multiple types of medicine that are often being used along with cognitive behavioral therapy to treat various types of anxiety. It is also believed to affect a wide range of psychological activity such as eating, sleeping, happiness, and wakefulness. In regards to SSRI’s mechanism of action, it is commonly given as an anti-depressant to stabilize a person’s mood. These are designed to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression for at least 2 to 6 weeks.  

Benzodiazepine– It is a sedative type of drug that treats anxiety. It gets categorized into three different acting effects such as short-term, intermediate, and long-term. Though it is useful at some point, individuals are not in a hurry to take benzodiazepine because it can cause disinhibition in some people who suffer from a severe level of anxiety. Therefore, there’s always a precaution in its use and one might consider a very low dose of the medication. 

Buspar Medications– It’s neither Benzodiazepine nor Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Buspar or otherwise called buspirone is an approved medication that treats a generalized anxiety disorder. It is a type of drug that binds with dopamine and serotonin receptors that helps manage chemical neurons that is responsible for positively affecting a person’s mood. It potentially increases the levels of substances of SSRI and making it more active. Its use is somehow restricted but guaranteed with a possible role. However, it still needs a proper prescription before mixing it with the other drugs.

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It is typical of some medications to cause sleepiness, dizziness, and fatigue. What these medications share later on are stomach upset, headaches, little extra energy, sleep-related difficulties, drug interaction, and duration of usage.  Therefore, it is considered to use the drugs very conservatively in people with different ages with different emotional and psychological needs. If you need to get more information about the types of medicines you can use for your anxiety, you might want to check out BetterHelp for professional advice.

7 Benefits Of Being In A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are extraordinary experiences. The connection, the laughter, the love, and even the frustrating times. Despite the fact that tough times exist even in the most loving of relationships, that challenges may occur and may test your love for one another, nothing–even the strongest of storms and wildest of waves–can deter a strong and healthy relationship.

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While the most obvious benefits of being in a healthy relationship are generally known–like having a partner you can talk to and share problems, and someone to aid you in case of a financial burden–there are more surprising advantages and rewards you inherit when you are in a healthy and happy relationship.


Find out what are the seven additional benefits you incur by being in a healthy relationship:


  • Longer Life

Being in a relationship encourages a person to take better care of own self because of his or her loved one. University of Texas Sociology Professor Debrah Umberson stated that men, when in a strong and happy marriage, reduces the occurrence of risks in his life due to fist fights, over drinking, fast driving, and other harmful means. Holt-Lunstad, who performed a study on social ties, stated that the absence of a social relationship is equivalent to up to 15 cigarettes a day.


  • Reduced Stress

A healthy and loving relationship can significantly help decrease stress levels through emotional support. Having someone to talk to in hard times and speaking up to your loved one for advice can help in reducing stress and put you in a better mood. Being in a healthy relationship minimizes the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

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  • Ready Support

Having a partner means having access to emotional and social support from your loved one. Having someone who cares for you is a significant boost not just to physical health, but to emotional and psychological well-being, as well. Just being aware that there is always someone willing to be your confidant can make a positive difference to mental health.


  • Better Health

Because of the great emotional support you gain from your loved one, your physical well-being is positively affected. Spending time with your partner can make you happier and reduce the risk of becoming ill. Reduced stress and the absence of loneliness can significantly help in boosting your health, and it can lead to equally healthier behaviors, as well.


  • Healthier Behavior

Being in a relationship with your loved one will not just affect your well-being, it can also influence your behaviors. Having the encouragement to eat healthier, exercise regularly, and strip off your bad habits is a great way to have healthier behaviors. If you are with a healthy partner who encourages you to do the same, it’s a lot easier to change and engage in healthier behavior. 

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  • Become A Better Person

Being in a warm and loving relationship can give a person a greater sense of purpose. Belonging to your loved one who is there to support you no matter what, and at the same time to point out your wrongdoings and help you correct them, can necessarily lead you to be a better version of yourself.


  • Happier Moments

When you’re in a healthy and loving relationship, you and your partner value small moments equally as you value big moments. It’s not always in the grand, flashy gestures. The most trivial things such as cooking breakfast and buying the flu medicine are equally valued as surprise candle-lit dinners and a one-week tour in Asia. Having happy moments, no matter how big or small, can help strengthen your relationship and escalate your one for one another.

Tips To Help You Through A Stressful Married Life

The marriage experience can be greatly varied per individual. Actually, your experience of marriage depends on who you choose to marry. In case you loved a Type-A person, your everyday life can get very chaotic and stressful. Moreso, if your personality is the opposite.

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How will you able to regain your life’s intricate balance without sacrificing your marriage?

Here are some tips to get you through stressful married life, the natural way.


Invest In Essential Oils

Essential oils are from plant extracts that aid the body heal.

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These oils retain the original scent from the plant from which they are derived. Thus, the natural healing qualities of the plants are in the oils itself.

Combinations of essential oils have various effects on the body, depending on the oil’s composition. There are essential oils that target to calm stiff muscles. Some oils aim to treat colds or headaches.

The most well-known function of essential oils is to use them for alleviating stress. There is a specific combination of oils are used to combat stress and enhance the quality of sleep.


Take A Breather

Sometimes, what you need is to take a break from it all.


Choose to go somewhere exciting, somewhere you were wishing to go to but did not have the time. You may decide to jump on the next train or the next flight if your wallet can handle it. If your marriage is that taxing, you may consider choosing to go on that trip without your spouse. Upon your return, you will feel that you’re recharged for another month or two to handle stresses from your marriage.


Short trips to the grocery or even taking a soothing lunch alone can revitalize you. Often, what you need is alone time without another person breathing down your neck.


Go For Scheduled Massage Sessions

Body massage is good for you. A good massage can release harmful toxins from your body. More than that, massage can relieve your mind of stressful thoughts you were harboring for months.


Many types of therapeutic massage can suit any taste. You can even choose the length of massage that works for your availability.


Make it more enjoyable by bringing your trusted girlfriend with you.


Opt To Sleep On Time

Do not discount the importance of sleep to relieve stress.


Lack of sleep can further aggravate stress levels and interfere with your reasoning. Your aim should be to sleep for a minimum of six hours every day. No less.

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A good night’s rest can significantly help prep your body for another tiring day. Do this for a week and see the stark difference in your outlook.


Marriage is a journey. Of course, it has its high points and low points. There are bound to be rough patches in the middle of it. However, don’t think it is the end of the road for you if you are now undergoing this rough stretch. With these tips, you can be able to breathe a sigh of relief. You will be stress-free for more extended periods of time! You will surely enjoy your life more.



Activities You Can Try Out With Your Partner To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

It seems like life has become more stressful nowadays. And squeezing some time to relax and unwind is much more difficult now. Without a proper outlet, the stress accumulates rapidly over time, and this isn’t healthy, especially in a relationship.

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Your thoughts and inner emotions won’t stay bottled up for too long, and this could damage your relationship. In the hopes that this doesn’t happen, here are some activities you can try out with your partner to reduce stress and anxiety.


  • Try Some Yoga And Meditation

Meditation is a great activity you can do with your partner to relax and unwind from all the stress that daily life brings. Complimenting your meditation sessions with yoga is also a great way to incorporate some exercise, especially if your busy day-to-day life leaves you little time for that. These activities cultivate a healthy mindset for each of you, and this could promote harmony within the relationship. So grab a mat and start stretching those tired joints!


  • Play Some Music

Listening to music is effective at bringing about good feelings and eliminating stress and anxiety. People are often transported to a different world, such as their first date or prom night, when they listen to certain songs.


Take some time to lie down on the bed, bring out your iPod, and plug in some headphones with your partner. You can also take the traditional route, grab the nearest guitar or keyboard you can find, and sing your hearts out if that’s your style.



  • Cook Some Food

Many people say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, although ladies also enjoy a nice meal now and then. Whether you’re dating a man or a woman, they will always appreciate good food.


Get to the grocery store or supermarket, buy some ingredients, and whip out a tasty dish. Bring your partner along with you in case you need help. Trust me, your partner might get annoyed at you initially, but food has a way of melting people hearts.


  • Get Outdoors

Nature has its unique way of calming down even the busiest of people. Sometimes, it’s best just to get a lot of fresh air. Take some time off with your partner and plan a hike, climb, or even just a simple picnic in the great outdoors.


Isolating yourself from the inconveniences and burdens of the city life would be great for your relationship, and it’s a great way to foster intimacy and spend some alone time with your partner.



These are just a few activities that you can do with your partner to reduce stress and anxiety within the relationship. There are many other activities you can try out if you use your imagination and think creatively.


Of course, every couple is different from all the other couples, and what works for one couple may not work out for another. Thus, communicating with your partner is still an essential part of the relationship. Still, don’t be afraid to spice up your relationship and try new things.

Online Counseling: Is Internet Communication Effective In Treating Depression

Counseling: Depression And Online Technology

cure and prevention are also waiting for everyone online

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High-speed internet and modern gadgets nowadays didn’t just infiltrate the entertainment industry and the business world. These innovations have also touched the mentality of billions of people. Social media, as one of the by-products of high-speed internet and extensive connectivity, in fact, has been said to be a factor of depression and anxiety.

If digital connectivity has become a risk factor for serious mental issues, it has also paved its way to reach out to those needing help. If the risk lingers digitally, then cure and prevention are also waiting for everyone online. This digital cure is the so-called online counseling.

How Does Online Counseling Work?

Online counseling, also known as e-therapy and cyber-counseling, is a type of therapy where therapists and counselors give professional advice to their patients over the internet. It can happen in real-time through video-conferencing, online chatting, email exchanging, or phone-calling. In other words, the counselor and patient need not be in the same room to do the counseling and healing process.

Online Depression Therapy

Similar to face-to-face counseling, therapists and counselors provide psychological advice to their patients, be it about work problems, relationship issues, and other life problems. The assessment and the patients opening up all happen over the internet to whenever and wherever the patients are most comfortable in.

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Studies have shown that online counseling is most effective for those who are afraid and uncomfortable of talking personally to a stranger, or the therapist, about their problems and issues in life that have led to their depression and anxiety. Also, the social stigma of seeing a therapist is a significant factor to most people needing help. This type of counseling is also suited and more useful for people who do not want others to know they are seeking professional help.

Online Counseling Satisfaction

Furthermore, the World Journal of Psychiatry reported people who have undergone this internet counseling feel a high level of satisfaction. The treatment’s convenience, accessibility, and costs are the major factors why patients prefer and deem this more effective than the in-person counseling.

How Does It Compare To In-Person Counseling?

Unlike the traditional therapy, this type of digital counseling makes it possible for the patient to communicate with the counselor at any time of the day through online chatting whenever and wherever. Socially anxious people will also feel more secure and more comfortable in the online setting.

Online counselor

In this online form of treatment, however, counselors should be knowledgeable of the technicalities of the computer and the internet. This adequate training is needed for the counselors and therapists to ensure their patients’ info confidentiality and data security.

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Even with the flexibility of the digital mental healthcare, serious mental illnesses, however, need in-person therapy to assess and prescribe appropriate medications accurately. Online counseling is only suited to less severe forms of problems (such as stress, anxiety, and less serious depression).

Online counseling

Online counseling will mostly suit people who are living in rural areas. Those people consider costs to this type of digital therapy as cheaper and those who are intimidated by the idea of being face-to-face with a therapist. All you will need is a good and trusted legitimate counseling website to start your healing process and the conquering of your anxiety.

Natural Herbs As Remedies For Diabetes

Who doesn’t hate Diabetes? It keeps you from enjoying the sweetness of life, or at least the sugary delectable in it. It’s not just a health condition; Diabetes is also considered a disease wherein your blood sugar levels are too high. If you don’t get rid of it, it might get rid of you.

According to statistics, more than 29 million in the U.S. have diabetes, and about 28%, or 8 million of that diabetic population, don’t know they have it. Type 1 Diabetes means there is an insufficient production of insulin, while Type 2 Diabetes has a steady and constant decline of beta cells which contributes to the process of “elevated” blood glucose.


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You may be asking, “What’s the cure for Diabetes?” Sadly, even with all the advancements in the medical field, in reality, there is no definite cure for Diabetes — neither Type 1 nor Type 2. The best action to do then is to practice and apply an effective therapy that could really make a big difference.


Prescription medicine is given by doctors to help with the disease. But since it is expensive, and its effectiveness is in question, why not try alternative medicine? This alternative is not the “cheaper version” of the medication. Go for natural remedies that are organically safe, easier on the pocket, and good for the body and mind.

Here are some of the Natural Remedies For Diabetes:


If you’re looking for something that rivals your prescription drug but is much more effective, try this natural remedy! Oregano is one of the most effective herbs to lower one’s blood sugar levels. In fact, you don’t need to worry about munching on just natural oregano all day long. Prepare a diabetic oregano recipe like chicken wraps, tortilla soup, or cheese pizza! It doesn’t sound too boring now, does it?


Another one of the cooking staples. Garlic actually has significant impacts on decreasing serum glucose, total cholesterol, urea, uric acid, and AST and ALT levels! Kill diabetes with a raw, cooked, or aged garlic extract. You’ll see its effects on reducing and eliminating complications, as well as fighting infections.

spices use as natural remedy for diabetes

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Are you all about this ancient and vibrant yellow-orange Indian spice? This ingredient is said to be an ideal drug that can prevent Type 2 Diabetes, and mitigate the characteristic pathophysiological hallmarks of the disease (elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance). Try a cup or two of the natural turmeric tea every day, or cook up a diabetic turmeric recipe if you prefer it that way.


A variety of different plant species! Korean ginseng, Siberian ginseng, American ginseng, or Japanese ginseng. This one is considered and believed to be a “cure-all” herb that could also treat Diabetes. To be specific, the root of Panax ginseng (Asian ginseng) has been used as a tonic to clinically treat Type 2 Diabetes because it reduces insulin resistance and lowers HbA1C levels.


This one is considered and believed to be a “cure-all” herb that could also treat Diabetes.

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Known as the aromatic herb that can add flavor and fragrance to different dishes, Rosemary is also an excellent herb that could help normalize one’s blood sugar levels. In a 2012 research, it was discovered that rosemary was a better inhibitor of a diabetes-related enzyme than greenhouse-grown herbs. It means that it works the same way as a Diabetes prescription drug works, and maybe better!

Final Thoughts On Natural Remedies As Diabetes Treatment

There is always the notion that going green can help you naturally remedy yourself, prevent diseases like diabetes, and make you stronger. That’s because natural remedies work most of the time for diabetes!

Use these spices and herbs in your everyday recipes, and wait for its therapeutic wonder in helping you with your Diabetes problem. Remember – believe!


Benefits Of Hand And Foot Reflexology

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Do you believe that our body is designed perfectly? Every part of it is connected, and each piece is wired to our hands and feet. Hand and foot reflexology has been one of the preferred alternatives to invasive clinical strategies. With every part of our body wired to them through our veins, it should not be a surprise that hand and foot reflexology is used to help treat patients with specific illnesses. This therapeutic approach is widely known in Asia where natural medicine is popularly practiced alongside natural medicine where they use plants and herbs for treatment of several diseases.


Naturopathic doctors or doctors who believe and practice natural medicine to better a person’s wellbeing also use hand and foot reflexology to determine if there is something wrong in our body, and it can even tell which part. It takes a lot of time and training to learn this kind of technique, but it has been known to be useful especially when you have the will and the right discipline.

Source: healthydietbase.com

What are the benefits of hand and foot reflexology?


  • Regular therapy and massage can help in our overall health. It will improve our blood circulation and get rid of the stress and tension inside. It doesn’t need to use any clinical apparatus or any advanced technology to practice this approach. All it needs is your body, individually your hand and feet.


  • Hand and foot massage can also fix imbalances in our body through working on our hands and feet. Experienced hands can determine even the smallest imbalances caused by blockages in our veins. These blockages can be fixed by regular therapy promoting better blood flow along with a healthy diet.


  • Hand and foot reflexology can relieve specific symptoms and pains we commonly feel when we are sick such as headaches, stomachaches, and cough and colds. There are particular points on our hands and feet that when applied pressure on can relieve the pain. This is very beneficial especially for people with kids who are the most common to have these.


  • Hand and foot reflexology is safe and does not have any side effects that we should be worried about. It is used alongside natural medicine like herbs and plants, that’s why you can be sure that it would not do any harm to your body. It is widely used not just for people with illnesses but also for healthy people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Source: prima.co.uk

Aside from the above conditions that can be relieved by hand and foot reflexology, it can also help in the treatment of more advanced conditions like asthma, pancreatitis, kidney problems, some ear and eye problems, etc. Hand and foot reflexology uses the pressure put in the hands and feet to normalize blood flow in the specific part of the body connected to them through our veins. Remember, that body is like a clock, functioning with the help of every single part of it, from the biggest to even the tiniest bit.