The Signs That You Are Doing Great According To A Mental Health Counselor

Whether you might believe that it is your fault for not trying harder, you shouldn’t be harsh on yourself for not measuring up. There are parts of life that you cannot control. Getting frustrated is okay. Don’t worry because you’re just fine.

Signs that you are doing great according to a mental health counselor:


“You Value Significant Relationships”

Relationships can always become a problem when you are trying to work on your overall progress. Sometimes, the complications involving it can cause you too much emotional and mental agony. But when you still find yourself cherishing significant people in your life, it is a sign that you are still doing better. That no matter how painful your experience with the people you lay your life on the line with, you are still more than willing to forgive and forget. Showing the people around you that you care, love, and appreciate them takes a lot of maturity and self-awareness.

“You Hold Yourself Accountable”

According to a mental health counselor, you know you are still doing better in your life when you don’t blame others for the mistakes you have made. Taking responsibility is an act that requires a lot of self-confidence and discipline. When you understand the consequences you have to deal with, especially when things go wrong, you can self-evaluate and think through trying to make things better. You focus on fixing things instead of leaving them broken, and that is something a lot of people can never do. Holding yourself accountable for your words and behaviors means you are open to corrections and learning.


“You Don’t Find Everything A Big Deal”

According to a mental health counselor, one way to ruin your emotional and mental disposition is to make a big deal out of everything despite not entirely harming or putting you in difficult situations. But you know you are doing better when you can manage to lower down your temper. Of course, you will sometimes find it challenging because certain things can make you lose control. But instead of dwelling on what you should have said and done, you try to move on. If you focus more on the good rather than the bad, you know where your happiness and peace lie. As long as you can choose the healthier way of coping, you can expect even better results.

“You Know What You Want”

According to a mental health counselor, one thing that can never break you is the focus you have on your goals. When you know what you want and understand the levels of sacrifices, hardships, and motivations you need to invest in your objectives, you are still emotionally and mentally doing great. Yes, you might not have everything planned out and encounter many complications that can go along the way. But when you know what you want, you can always go back to redirect yourself towards potential future success. As long as you recognize what you want, you can use all the resources you can get as a stepping stone.


Mental Health Counselor: “You Want Less Material Things”

According to a mental health counselor, another thing that can tell you are doing great is when you appreciate the simple things in life and not those that society tends to show you as significant. Many individuals often say they can find happiness in material things. However, there can be true to that because material things can make people happy for a while. But for someone that can easily get what they want, it means nothing. You know you are emotionally mature when you want less material things because you understand that it does not compare to friendship or other significant relationships that you have to work on and build towards the most struggling yet fulfilling process.

Mental Health Counselor Says: “You Learn From Your Failures”


Appreciating all the things you have, whether it is not what you truly want, is a sign that you are doing better in life. If you can move forward and not bring along the mistakes with you, you can do so much more. You understand that beating yourself up is useless, so you try to make every moment counts. So when you choose to suck it up and work on your goals much harder and wiser, you know you are on the right path towards emotional maturity and mental stability. When you learn from your failures, it means you can reassure yourself always to go back and give yourself a chance to try again. You won’t allow fear to paralyze you, and that is entirely a sign of overall strength.

A mental health counselor is someone who you can trust, and when it comes you your mental health, always listen to your mental health counselor.


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