How Aromatherapy Can Soothe You And Your Partner’s Fatigue After Work

Aromatherapy On Fatigue

Home is the ultimate relaxation place for couples after a long and exhausting day at work. 


However, most homeowners have long since discovered a whole new level to up a house’s relaxing comfort. This technique is through aromatherapy, a natural kind of healing for fatigue and stress.

What Exactly Is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a type of healing that uses the beneficial extracts and oils from plants and flowers either through skin application (massage) or by inhalation. It has proven positive effects most popularly for anxiety, nausea, fatigue, body aches, and headaches, among others. It is considered as complementary medicine and not to be used as the primary therapy for sickness, however. 


Range Of Benefits Of This Kind Of Natural Healing For The Couples

Many couples add aromatherapy in their home not just to become an accessory but also to make use of the following benefits of different essential oils: 



 1. The Aromatic Properties Of These Essential Oils Stimulate Energy 


Essential oils, especially from pine and eucalyptus, are known to lift up one’s mood after a tiring and stressful day from work. Spicy aromas (from the favorite oils cinnamon and clove, among others) have been shown to calm people, reducing headaches and irritable tendencies. These benefits are mostly extracted through inhalation or the use of diffuser at home. 



2. The Romantic Scent Of Certain Oils Can Put Couples In Mood For An Exciting Night 


Yes, there are essential oils that are more popular for their ‘romantic scents’ to spice up a couple’s night. Aroma oils like rose and sandalwood are mainly used as fragrances for women and men, respectively. These scents can stimulate each other’s sex drive and libido for a great night. Ladies mostly recommend the use of oil diffuser. Other than calming their husband’s office fatigue, these erotic aromas can put both of them in the mood for lovemaking. 



3. Essential Oils Aid In Easier Breathing And Relaxation 


The aromatic properties of essential oils can help home dwellers sleep better at night. Most will keep a diffuser on their bedside tables. Most will have one in their bathrooms. The most popular oils that can aid in better relaxation are chamomile and lavender.




 4. Aromatherapy Is Effective In Reducing Muscular Pains 


Remember this always: Essential oils are not to be applied directly to the skin unless diluted with a carrier oil or just water. 


Adding drops of essential oils like that from birch, cypress, and rosemary to bath soak are effective in reducing body pain and muscular spasms after a long day. Relieve tension and body stress while enjoying a soak or massage for a well-deserved rest for both you and your partner. 


 5. It Can Aid In Correcting Lots Of Health Problems 


Essential oils are also believed to aid in re-balancing the body and re-aligning the body with the state of mind. As such, a combination of oils from ylang-ylang, geranium, rosemary, and jasmine is said to ‘correct emotional issues.’ These psychological issues are also reported to be related to infertility, hormonal imbalance, and the overall imbalance in the feminine energy. 


Diffusing essential oils at home is more than just a ‘scent’ for the house. Aromatherapy can perk up you and your partner’s mood with the added benefits of your overall health. Stock up essential oils in your bathroom, bedside tables, living room and even in your closets, and you will feel more relaxed each day as you unwind in the comforts of your home.

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