5 Ways You Can Let Nature Heal Your Heart (Literally)

From the moment you saw your childhood sweetheart hold the hands of someone else up to that second your partner for seven years finally realizes that you both just can’t make things work out, you’re sure that you’re hurt. And while the degree of pain may not be at all times the same, you know you’ve gone through just the same thing over and over again – your heart has been broken.

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We struggle to move on from breakups. The entire process is exhausting physically, emotionally, and mentally. But while you can just let nature take its normal course and let time pass as it heals all wounds, did you know that nature can literally help you in getting over a breakup?


Here are only 5 of the many gifts that nature has to your broken heart:


For A Stronger Heart, Here’s Hawthorn

After a breakup, your brain thinks that the body is physically hurt. It makes the pain feel real, despite not getting wounded physically. Besides, hours of sobbing makes the chest tight, causing you to feel that your heart is in pain.

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Hawthorn is your heart’s new best friend. It is a type of small tree that produces tasty red berries. Hawthorn restores the damaged tissues of the heart and regulates your blood flow so that your heart rate normalizes. It helps in your blood circulation and stabilizes blood pressure.


For A Better Sleep, Here’s Lemon

A few days fresh from the breakup, you will find yourself awake even at wee hours when you usually would have been snoring. You feel intoxicated, filled with all the negativities, and you’re just too disturbed to get enough rest.


Lemon is your sleep saver. Combining it with water makes it your ultimate detox solution. It boosts the function of your liver, cleanses your body from toxins, purifies your bloodstreams, and raises your white blood cells. The cleaning effect of lemon puts your body in a perfect state for a good night sleep.


For A Happier You, Here’s Motherwort

Depression is the most visible and undeniable result of a breakup. Studies say that the level of pain you experience after breakup is the level you get hurt by social rejection. Your self-esteem radically drops, and you would wish to withdraw from everything.


Motherwort knows best. It is a plant from the mint family which is known for its calming effects. It is said to make the heart feel happier because it relaxes the nervous system and lifts your mood. It relieves you from your chronic anxiety and raises levels of your happy hormones.


For A Relaxed Mind And Soul, Here’s Skullcap

Breakups stress you out. You are in a constant state of panic and agitation because the body raises levels of cortisol, your stress hormones. These bad hormones cause the pumping of too much blood in your muscles, making them stiff and tense.


Skullcap is your relaxation buddy. These are hood-shaped flowers found in wetlands. It acts as a sedative that relieves panic attacks and hysteria. It even reduces the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases. It had always been used in therapies to ease tensions.


For An Energetic Body, Here’s Ginseng

Prolonged stress levels caused by breakups make you feel downcast. You just don’t seem to have the motivation to do your day to day routine. Activities that once seemed physically enjoyable become all too plain and uninteresting.

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Ginseng is your excellent energy boost. For many years, this plant tuber has been known to increase physical strength and endurance. Not only do you become stress-free, but you now also have the energy to start things again. The old and lazy feeling fades away, and you begin to feel young, fresh, and alive once more.


Together with enough time to recuperate from the effects of a breakup, as well as the help of people who make you feel loved and accepted, nature’s wonders can do you great help on your way back to love. What a way to move forward when you know nature’s got your back – literally!

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