Benefits Of Hand And Foot Reflexology


Do you believe that our body is designed perfectly? Every part of it is connected, and each piece is wired to our hands and feet. Hand and foot reflexology has been one of the preferred alternatives to invasive clinical strategies. With every part of our body wired to them through our veins, it should not be a surprise that hand and foot reflexology is used to help treat patients with specific illnesses. This therapeutic approach is widely known in Asia where natural medicine is popularly practiced alongside natural medicine where they use plants and herbs for treatment of several diseases.


Naturopathic doctors or doctors who believe and practice natural medicine to better a person’s wellbeing also use hand and foot reflexology to determine if there is something wrong in our body, and it can even tell which part. It takes a lot of time and training to learn this kind of technique, but it has been known to be useful especially when you have the will and the right discipline.


What are the benefits of hand and foot reflexology?


  • Regular therapy and massage can help in our overall health. It will improve our blood circulation and get rid of the stress and tension inside. It doesn’t need to use any clinical apparatus or any advanced technology to practice this approach. All it needs is your body, individually your hand and feet.


  • Hand and foot massage can also fix imbalances in our body through working on our hands and feet. Experienced hands can determine even the smallest imbalances caused by blockages in our veins. These blockages can be fixed by regular therapy promoting better blood flow along with a healthy diet.


  • Hand and foot reflexology can relieve specific symptoms and pains we commonly feel when we are sick such as headaches, stomachaches, and cough and colds. There are particular points on our hands and feet that when applied pressure on can relieve the pain. This is very beneficial especially for people with kids who are the most common to have these.


  • Hand and foot reflexology is safe and does not have any side effects that we should be worried about. It is used alongside natural medicine like herbs and plants, that’s why you can be sure that it would not do any harm to your body. It is widely used not just for people with illnesses but also for healthy people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Aside from the above conditions that can be relieved by hand and foot reflexology, it can also help in the treatment of more advanced conditions like asthma, pancreatitis, kidney problems, some ear and eye problems, etc. Hand and foot reflexology uses the pressure put in the hands and feet to normalize blood flow in the specific part of the body connected to them through our veins. Remember, that body is like a clock, functioning with the help of every single part of it, from the biggest to even the tiniest bit.

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