Natural Relief: Cannabis and Its Many Benefits



Marijuana has been legalized in many states across the U.S. as both a recreational and medicinal substance. While many people hold strong stigmas against marijuana use, polls have shown that growing numbers agree that it should be available for medicinal use. The marijuana industry has become so established that there are dozens of varieties, with many recreational users enjoying certain strands more than others. Compounds found in cannabis have efficacy in treating a number of physical and mental ailments including anxiety, depression, pain and others. The medicinal capabilitiesof marijuana are undeniable, with growing support from the medical and academic communities. 


Finding the Right Strain:


Different compounds in different strains give the marijuana its varied and unique effects, while the drug in general acts on the CB1/CB2 receptors in the brain. Mimicking naturally occurring compounds within the brain, THC and CBD, two of the main active ingredients in cannabis, simulate endogenous cannabinoids, producing euphoric and analgesic effects. By doing a little research into the strains you can see what the documented effects are for each so that you can choose the most applicable to maximize your experience. Many sites have online profilesthat list the important information about each strain, including the sativa/indica balance as well as the medicinal capabilities of each variety of bud.


Undeserving of Tobacco’s Reputation:

One controversy about the use of cannabis is its comparison to tobacco products, which are known to be highly carcinogenic. Studies have shown that compounds in marijuana leave its smokers in better shape than those of tobacco, even showing some evidence of reversal for the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. It has also been shown to be extremely effective in controlling seizures, both epileptic and otherwise, growing in prevalence as a treatment with oil extracts, used to stop seizures in their tracks in both children and adults. CBD has been found to be effective in preventing the spread of cancer cells, doing so by turning off a gene in the cancerous cells and encouraging growth and spread of healthy cells. 


What Its Known To Do:


While the medicinal effects of marijuana have yet to be fully studied due to existing federal laws, it has shown much efficacy as a treatment tool. Starting with effectively reducing anxiety and suppressing nausea, likely due to the quelling of an over-active nervous system, this opens up a door of moving away from traditional psychotropics. These capabilities have given it efficacy in relieving side effects from chemotherapy. Marijuana has been known to treat glaucoma, an ailment marked by high levels of intraocular pressure, reducing the pressure inside the eye and preventing damage to vision or the optic nerve. 

Dr. Bud:

While in many areas of the country and world, professionals may still bewary of marijuana and its effects, there are many that are 4/20 friendly and are willing to enlist it’s help in treating patient’s ailments. With the advent of the web, the world has become smaller than ever. An online interface, BetterHelp, can connect you to an appropriate professional that can help you to understand how you can best use the medicinal qualities of marijuana to treat your symptoms.  

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